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At the site of the exotic fruit specialist TFC-Holland in Maasdijk, the Netherlands, the highest fruit quality is being redefined. The forward-looking investment in state-of-the-art, artificial intelligence-based technology for the precise ripening of avocados and mangos underscores the high standards of product quality and the responsible use of resources. The Softripe® process results in even better fruit quality and significantly longer shelf life, even without the use of additives. This minimizes depreciation due to fruit losses along the value chain.

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TFC Holland

Although the current focus of the industry is on preserving ripened fruit by applying protective layers, the decision to use state-of-the-art ripening technology is the more obvious and sustainable step for us at this time.

Softripe Avocados More Creamy and Nuttier

More creamy and nuttier

Blind tests have shown that Softripe® avocados are considered to have better sensory properties than fruit from conventional ripening processes due to their more aromatic, nuttier flavor and creamier consistency. Internal quality defects, such as vascular browning, a discoloration of the fibers in the flesh of avocados, can also be significantly reduced with the new technology.

The process focuses on fruit respiration and thus the “well-being” of the fruit during the ripening process.

Consistently high ripening quality

Our aim is to reduce food losses along the value chain and to offer our customers not only ready to eat, but perfect, aromatic and sweet fruit with a longer shelf life that they can trust with every purchase. Key to this are the very homogeneous and consistently high ripening qualities we achieve with the Softripe® technology.

The atmosphere in the ripening chamber is constantly monitored by AI-supported technology and individually adjusted in relation to the respective metabolic processes of the fruit. This not only produces optimized, more uniform ripening results, but also fruit that stands out on the shelves of retailers and under normal household conditions for consumers due to its significantly longer shelf life.

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Also available in the UK

After an extensive series of tests and extremely positive results with a wide variety of fruits the affiliated company Worldwide Fruit in the UK is already working very successfully with this t