Around one hundred million New Zealand dollars has been invested in the new T&G facility at the Whakatu site. It is one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and plays a central role in implementing the BayWa subsidiary’s growth strategy.

1,7 hectares of roof space, highly automated processes, two 220 m packing lines and a capacity to pack 125 million kilograms of apples: once its two phased-construction is complete, T&G’s new packhouse at its Whakatu site will be one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. The new facility doubles T&G’s current packing capacity future-proofing the company to meet the projected volume growth in premium apples.

This investment in Hawke’s Bay amounts to around one hundred million New Zealand dollars (corresponds to approx. 56.4 million euros). “The new facility integrates leading automation and technology, from the wet infeed area and defect sorting to palletising,” explains Benedikt Mangold, Chair of T&G Global and CEO of BayWa Global Produce. “Latest soft fruit handling technology and robotic fruit packers are also enabling us to do more with less. With a lift in productivity and additional capacities this investment plays a key role in T&G’s growth strategy.”

With much more efficient work processes and additional capacity, this investment plays a key role in the implementation of our growth strategy at T&G

Benedikt Mangold, Chair of T&G Global and
CEO of BayWa Global Produce

The new facility will enable the Whakatu team to pack 90-100 bins per hour on one line. That’s about 30 tonnes of apples. When the second line is installed in coming seasons, T&G will be able to pack up to 190 bins per hour, with a similar number of people.

As part of T&G’s kaitiakitanga strategy and commitment, the packhouse’s filtration system allows for reduced water use from the company’s own bore help to protect natural resources and ensure sustainable water management. In addition, water tanks with a capacity of 1,200,000 litres enable the facility to absorb large downpours and remove this volume of water from flowing immediately into the public stormwater system. This allows T&G to meter this water out, reducing the impact on the stormwater system and local rivers, and using it for watering onsite trees and vegetation.

To help meet future global consumer demand for premium apples from New Zealand, T&G continues to invest in its orchards. “Over the last five years, T&G has redeveloped hundreds of hectares into modern 2D growing systems, with increased plantings of our premium Envy™ brand”, says Gareth Edgecombe, CEO of T&G Global. “Many of our independent grower partners have done the same. By building this packhouse we can accommodate this increased volume and help support the domestic and export growth of the region, sector and nation.”

Take a glimpse inside the new packing facility